I don't want to write anything here because I'll look back on it a few months from now and regret it. I'll probably regret this one, too.

I remember liking this girl in gr6 and in hopes of getting her to msg me on msn, i set my status thing to “MSG IF YOU NEED HWK HELP” … I don’t know why I thought that would work. Instead, some basic bitch decides to ask for math help and i peaced out.

My biggest fear right now is becoming something ordinary.

The thing about going into business is that there are just so many people that you really need to try to make yourself known out there. Things like MBAs or CPAs are now basic requirements to even get started, never mind make it big. How can I go through all this just to end up at a desk job and let life pass by? The road to becoming a doctor is arduous but once you make it, you’re pretty much set for life. I just can’t allow myself to fade into the background. I don’t want to be ordinary but right now my personality function is so reserved and careful.

The only way I can think of to console myself is to take it a day at a time. Small steps. Have a big picture in mind, but focus on making the most of each little thing. Concentrate on making it big in your own small world, then start expanding it. Life holds many surprises, both good and bad, but n’oubliez jamais that you are destined for great things!!

The fuckin pro players that come out to fan meets are chumps do you think im your fucking fan i just go because of the goddamn publicity i get from attending this shit when i ask you for an autograph do you think i will keep that shit no i go home to use that as toilet paper better than the shit i get here at res what the fuck is this -1.2 ply toilet paper are you tryna indrectly butt fuck me you fuckin cheap scum enterprises thsi is why i fuajskc uoi=ing had te commerce like i what eh fcuk and i doing here ok back to the topci  i say hi can i get a picture you say goddamn it it sure i will take it you smile and pose but i dont erally even knoow you fucker i just came for the goddamn publicity. i came. i came. i came.

The problem is that no one acts as if someone is watching them all the time. You can whine about not having privacy, but don’t use that as an excuse to be able to freely fuck around. You don’t need privacy when you have nothing to hide.



I love Big Brother.

Hello Octopussian “Krippler” Morowindsan, this is your buddy Eddy Pasterino. We would like you to participate in our new movie Topdeckin N Wreckin’ 3: Arena unt Macarena.You will try to do an 12-0 arena run while your future waifu Hafu strips and does the macarena for you, if you get a loss we have some backup pepperoni that you can eat off her body, so it will still be a masterpiece regardless.No PoE-shirt though please, Papparrian said he can provide you a snazzy outfit if needed.Make up your mind soon please Kripp, your waifu and pappy is waiting patiently.Rip in peace Pepperoni Hafurino Mosquito Titjoberino fappucino cappuccino pistachio bro. I still cry everytime. Frappuccino dongerino please no, sorry for no propeller EnglanD


Can’t improve if all you hear are compliments… either they’re bullshitting to make you feel better or they want you to get complacent and lose the motivation… either way it’s poison and detrimental to your self-growth.








Joseph Begley lights up rooms in a cheeky way with ‘Slap It’

A quick pinch or squeeze of the ‘slap it’ lamp by London-based designer Joseph Begley brightens up rooms with its warm glow. made from realistic feeling silicone, the cheeky light responds to pressure sensors when it is touched, directly turning it on or off.

Ok can I have

bruh. gimme this shit

God bless…


So this is kind of interesting. Yeah, got that right. PCE.

My first ever tumblr post, Nov.12th, 2009.

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